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Crew List - HMS Venomous, 14 May 1945

Ship's Crest

A Hard Fought Ship is dedicated to the memory of all those who served on HMS Venomous between 1919 and 1946.

The ship's complement of 120-200 changed each time HMS Venomous was re-commissioned  but the names of  very few of the ratings who served on HMS Venomous from first commissioning at Rosyth in June 1919 to the outbreak of World War II are known. The names of men who served on Venomous during World War II have been extracted by TNT Data Services (under contract to the MOD) from the Pay and Victualing Ledgers, bound volumes of the returns completed by ships writers.

The names of the 141 men who were in Venomous during her third wartime Commission (August 1944 - July 1945) on 14 May 1945 when Venomous arrived at Kristiansand to accept the surrender of German naval forces. In addition to the officers and ratings serving in Venomous there were five RNR and RNVR officers (including three Lt Cdrs), nine Marines,  four Leading Aircraftsmen (RAF) and four soldiers. Click on the linksd for details of their lives and get in touch if a member of your family is on this list.

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ADAMS Edward F W Telegrapher JX671961
ASKEW John Able Seaman Not recorded
BACK Charles A C Able Seaman J68827
BAILEY Jack Able Seaman JX306477
BENFIELD Roy Chief Engine Room Artificer MX49175
BLAIR James Temporary Lieutenant RNVR Not applicable
BLAIR D.S.M. Duncan C  Temporary Chief Stoker  KX80443
BLAKE Ellick J G Able Seaman J45676
BLAKE Frederick Able Seaman Not recorded
BLAND John Signalman JX612741
BRADFORD Frederick Able Seaman JX163088
BRADSHAW Alan Writer Not recorded
BRADY William G Stoker 1st Class KX138917
BRATHERICK Arthur E Stoker 1st Class KX133175
BROCKETT Geoffrey P Temporary Acting Petty Officer Radio Mechanic MX575273
BRYANT William Temporary Stoker Petty Officer KX86054
BUSE Arthur S J Stoker 1st Class KX161154
BUSHNELL R Corporal (RAF) Not recorded
BUTLER Benjamin Able Seaman SSX33711
CARLING Alan Stoker 1st Class KX728364
CAUDLE Derek W Temporary Lieutenant RNVR Not applicable
CHAPMAN Edward  Stoker 1st Class KX118018
CHESTERTON Arthur Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX73533
CHIVERS Donald Able Seaman Not recorded
COBB Ronald Able Seaman JX556205
COLE Albert W Able Seaman J112739
COLLISTER William L Temporary Petty Officer SSX19837
CONNELL James D Petty Officer Steward LX21187
COWELL William Acting Stoker 1st Class KX666268
CRAIG Alan Able Seaman Not recorded
CROCKER Reginald J Stoker Petty Officer K65528
CROMBIE Ronald C Ordinary Seaman JX363248
CROUCH L Corporal (RM) Not recorded
CULLEN Peter W C Cook MX536733
DALEY Patrick Temporary Acting Stoker Petty Officer KX92135
DAVIES Gwilym Temporary Petty Officer JX143554
DELANEY Stephen Able Seaman Not recorded
DONAGHUE William J Temporary Leading Cook MX107444
EASTHAM M Sergeant (Army) Not recorded
EVENSEN C P Lieutenant Commander RNVR Not applicable
FORSTER William R Temporary Lieutenant (E) RNR Not applicable
FOSTER William H Temporary Leading Cook LX25484
GARDINER H Able Seaman Not recorded
GASKIN David W Temporary Acting Stoker Petty Officer KX81551
GIGGAL Sidney Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX75367
GILLETT T Marine Not recorded
GLENNON James Stoker 1st Class KX586551
GOLDSTONE L LAC (RAF) Not recorded
GORE Charles Signalman Not recorded
GORMAN Henry Able Seaman SSX29586
HANCOX W Able Seaman Not recorded
HARWELL William Able Seaman J41968
HAWKE Mervyn Able Seaman JX272166
HAYMAN N A Lieutenant Commander RNR Not applicable
HOLLYWOOD James G Chief Petty Officer J50305
HOPTON Clifford Able Seaman JX230082
HOWLETT R Corporal (RM) Not recorded
HUGHES Alfred E Temporary Acting Leading Stoker KX88987
HUGHES D Marine Not recorded
INGRAM Henry W Temporary Acting Leading Seaman J107377
INNES Stephen Able Seaman Not recorded
JACKMAN B Signalman Not recorded
JAMIESON Edward Electrical Artificer 4th Class MX74633
JONES Walter Acting Able Seaman JX566500
JONES C Marine Not recorded
JONES A A Marine Not recorded
KIERNAN John J Stoker 1st Class KX152003
KIRKMAN Raymond Officer's Steward Not recorded
LANSKY Miroslav B Temporary Acting Sub Lieutenant RNVR Not applicable
LYNCH William Temporary Acting Leading Stoker KX104737
MACKIN T Telegrapher Not recorded
MARLOW George Acting Able Seaman JX416623
MARSHALL William Temporary Acting Leading Seaman J89586
MARTIN John N Temporary Sub Lieutenant RNVR Not applicable
MATTHEWS Fred A Stoker Petty Officer KX82193
MERCER Frederick Able Seaman JX180531
MORGAN John Leading Sick Berth Attendant MX69661
MORRIS Harry W Stores Assistant MX610705
MORRISON William Cinema Operator JX692571
MURRAY Thomas Ordinary Seaman JX559273
NOTTON Francis W A Stoker 1st Class KX156264
NUTT Sidney G Temporary Acting Petty Officer JX151236
PAGE Alfred T Acting Able Seaman JX568551
PARSONS E Signalman Not recorded
PAYNE Kenneth Acting Stoker 1st Class KX161975
PHELPS R J Lieutenant RNVR Not applicable
PICKLES Alan Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX75169
POCKETT Charles Able Seaman Not recorded
PONTIN V Sergeant (RM) Not recorded
POOLE Thomas H Stoker 1st Class K62202
PREW Frank Able Seaman JX194481
PRIDEAUX A G Temporary Acting Lieutenant Commander RNVR Not applicable
PULMAN O H Lieutenant Commander RNR Not applicable
RAWLINS John F Signalman JX298143
REES William Able Seaman Not recorded
ROBERTS Willie Acting Able Seaman JX652522
ROBINSON Robert Stoker 1st Class KX103957
ROBINSON Victor Able Seaman Not recorded
ROBINSON John Able Seaman JX288392
ROBINSON C Corporal (RM) Not recorded
ROSE James R Acting Able Seaman JX566883
ROSS John A C  Stoker 1st Class KX109095
RUSSELL Thomas A Stoker 1st Class KX100469
RYDE George B Acting Able Seaman JX707202
SCOTHAN George W Temporary Stoker Petty Officer KX81874
SHINES Stanley G Acting Able Seaman JX393223
SINGLETON John A C Temporary Leading Stores Assistant MX578330
SKINNER Reginald J Steward LX20171
SKUSE Ernest G Stoker 1st Class KX600057
SPRAY Clifford Telegrapher Not recorded
STANILAND D G Sub Lieutenant RNVR Not applicable
STEPHENS Allan P Temporary Acting Leading Seaman (RNZN) 5473
STEWART Albert Able Seaman Not recorded
STIMPSON L LAC (RAF) Not recorded
STROUD Carlo Able Seaman JX135881
TARVER John H Acting Able Seaman JX420428
TAYLOR Herbert Temporary Leading Stoker KX89619
TAYLOR T R Sigs (Army) Not recorded
TERRY G Corporal (RM) Not recorded
THOMAS Hugh Acting Able Seaman JX566129
THOMPSON Bernard Able Seaman Not recorded
THORPE Thomas B Temporary Sub Lieutenant RNVR Not applicable
TIERNEY James Signalman SSX33025
TODD William R Temporary Leading Steward LX25152
TURNER J Sergeant (Army) Not recorded
UPTON Albert G Able Seaman JX206265
WALTON William Canteen Manager Not recorded
WEEKES Charles B Chief Stoker K54729
WHEATLEY W Gunner RA (Army) Not recorded
WHITEHEAD Leslie Temporary Acting Leading Telegrapher WRX1176
WHITTAKER Percy J Able Seaman SSX12976
WILLBOND Frederick W Telegrapher JX569269
WILLETT Arthur Stoker 1st Class KX596726
WILLIAMS Lenan Acting Able Seaman JX566798
WILLIAMS Frederick Able Seaman J95208
WILLIAMS R Able Seaman Not recorded
WILLIAMS Charles Stores Assistant Not recorded
WILSON K Telegrapher Not recorded
WOOD Stanley L Temporary Leading Steward LX27412
WRIGHT Norman Stoker 1st Class KX137711

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