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Crew List - HMS Venomous, 31 May 1940

Ship's Crest

A Hard Fought Ship is dedicated to the memory of all those who served on HMS Venomous between 1919 and 1946.

The ship's complement of 120-200 changed each time HMS Venomous was re-commissioned  but the names of  very few of the ratings who served on HMS Venomous from first commissioning at Rosyth in June 1919 to the outbreak of World War II are known. The names of men who served on Venomous during World War II have been extracted by TNT Data Services (under contract to the MOD) from the Pay and Victualing Ledgers, bound volumes of the returns completed by ships writers.

The names of the 141 men who served in Venomous when she brought the Guards back from Boulogne and 4,100 troops of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) back from Dunkirk in 1940 are given below. Click on the links for details of their lives and get in touch if a member of your family is on the list.

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ADDIS JosephAble SeamanSSX17322
ANGUSWilliamAble SeamanJ69603
ANNETTCharles ESeaman6185D
ARTHURSydney F JStoker Petty OfficerK61853
BAILEYWilliamEngine Room Artificer 2nd ClassMX46485
BANNERMANJames WActing Leading SeamanJX139950
BARRYThomas PEngine Room Artificer 3rd ClassMX52449
BARTLETTHerbert EStoker 1st ClassK30965
BASERFrederick JChief StokerK63760
BEATTIEHugh ASeamanX20582
BIBBINGSStanley PStoker Petty OfficerK24640
BIRKINGeorge AAble SeamanJ94662
BLATCHFORDWilliamStoker 1st ClassK6217
BOLTONEdward JStoker 1st ClassK57923
BORDISSJoseph LPetty OfficerJX133105
BOXGeorge CAble SeamanJX125754
BROWNCharles L BSeamanX20732A
BULLIEDJames HAble SeamanSSX12262
BUSBYDouglas JAble SeamanSSX19188
CHARLESSydney TAble SeamanJ104538
CHYNAWETHVivian TStoker Petty OfficerK21683
CHEARMANHenryStoker Petty OfficerKX77952
COMPSTONSydneyOrdinary SeamanJX 169001
COOKGeorge FLeading SeamanJX140300
COPEGeorge Able SeamanMDX2141
COXWORTHErnestStoker 1st ClassKX77758
COYLEWilliamAble SeamanJX103932
CRAVENCyril HOrdinary SeamanSSX31768
CUSACKJamesActing Leading StokerKX84633
DAGLEYLeslie WActing Petty OfficerJX127574
DAINESHenryAble SeamanJ105561
DAVEYWilliam TLeading StokerK24528
DEMPSEYJosephAble SeamanMDX1416
DIXONErnest McLCookMX55963
DOUGLASJames NAble SeamanJ102991
DOWNINGWilliam HAble SeamanJ23226
EATONJamesAble SeamanMDX2440
EDWARDSWilliamAble SeamanJ80641
Allan F
Midshipman RNR
Not applicable
EVANSJamesAble SeamanMDX2200
FARGHERDouglasAble SeamanMDX1238
FARRELLCharlesAble SeamanMDX2026
FARRELLJohnAble SeamanMDX2025
FICECharles T JStoker 1st ClassK22981
FISHERJohn WAble SeamanJ29985
FLETCHERGeorge LAble SeamanMDX1780
FORRESTAlexander LAble SeamanSSX17407
FREEMANWilliam GLeading SeamanJ32819
FROSTWilliam HAssistant StewardLX23233
GARDINERJames Mc DOrdinary SeamanSSX30423
GRUNDYThomasLeading Sick Berth AttendantMX49569
HARLEYWilliam GPetty OfficerJ104236
HARRISPercy C FPetty OfficerJ34292
HENDERSONJames GAble SeamanJX149449
HICKSGeorge K NPetty OfficerJ106579
HORNERJohn PAble SeamanJX152030
HUGHESHerbertAble SeamanSSX31600
HUMBERRobert JStoker 1st ClassK21300
INGRAMHenry WAble SeamanJ107377
IRLAMJamesEngine Room Artificer 5th ClassMX60550
IRVINERobert JAble SeamanSSX24455
JENNINGSEdward JAble SeamanSSX21076
JOBWilliam BAble SeamanJ84962
JOHNSNorman SStoker Petty OfficerK23010
JOLLYHarry ALeading StokerK47379
William John
Able Seaman
J. 34331
Prob Temp Sub Lt RNVR
Not applicable
KNAPTONHaroldAble SeamanJX151137
KNIGHTFrederickStoker 1st ClassKX80900
LANEJohnOrdinary SeamanSSX30025
LANGWORTHYFrankLeading StewardJ10823
LEARReginald SAble SeamanJX165851
LEDGARDEric RLeading SeamanJX136150
LEWISAlbert EAble SeamanSSX16928
LIDDICOATArthurLeading Supply AssistantM39194
LIVINGSTONEJohnOrdinary SeamanJX169441
LLOYDJonathanAble SeamanJX152296
LODGEJames WLeading StokerK32862
LODWICKWilliamAble SeamanJ17820
LUXTONEdwin L JSignalmanJX131901
MAKEYGeorge FOrdinary SeamanJX169742
MANNWilliam LPetty OfficerJ108010
MANSFIELDWilliam JAble SeamanNot Recorded
MAXFIELDGeorge EAble SeamanJ94827
MAYLANDOscar GSignalmanJ31639
Angus A
1st Lt RNR
Not applicable
McALISTERRobertPetty Officer StewardL13854
McBEATHJohn E HLieutenant CommanderNot Applicable
McGEENEYHorace HOrdnance Artificer 3rd ClassMX47358
McILROYDStoker 2nd ClassNot Recorded
McINTYREBernardAble SeamanSSX22925
Dennis E
Prob Temp Surgeon Lt RNVR
Not applicable
MELLINGJohn LEngine Room Artificer 5th ClassMX60551
MUNROWilliamLeading SignalmanJX128928
NICKLESSWilliam HAble SeamanJ100855
O'SULLIVANMichael JPetty OfficerJ1X32003
OWENJohn SStoker 2nd ClassKX103040
PARKESAlbert EWarrant EngineerNot Applicable
PARTINGTONGeorgeOrdinary SeamanSSX23547
PASSMOREDonald FChief Engine Room ArtificerM37920
PHILLIPSJames POrdinary SeamanSSX23805
PHILLIPSLionel E DSick Berth AttendantMX48100
POOLEThomas HStoker 1st ClassK62202
POUTNEYEric ATelegrapherWRX2064
RICHENSStanley HAble SeamanJX148278
RIEVEMatthew CAble SeamanJ50325
ROBINSONWalterStoker 1st ClassKX90732
ROBINSONRobert JAble SeamanSSX17707
RUDGEHarold HEngine Room Artificer 1st ClassM16334
SAINFIELDWilliam JActing Leading SeamanJ108721
SESTONLeonardAble SeamanJ106018
SHENTONAlbert HStoker 1st ClassKX81626
SHUTEReginald CSeamanX21416A
SIMCOXThomas ASeamanX18418A
SMITHJamesAble SeamanJ132933
SMITHHaroldAble SeamanJX179941/J111088
SOUNESSJohn HAble SeamanJ103670
SPEECHLYGeorge WSignalmanJ38144
SQUIBBBevingtonChief Petty OfficerJ93743
STAFFORDHaroldAble SeamanSSX14930
STALLARDErnest RAble SeamanJX142935
STANLEYJosephStoker 1st ClassKX85959
STONEEdgar LAble SeamanJ109761
SWAINSTONSamuelAble SeamanSSX12346
TAPPOwen ALeading TelegrapherJX133755
TAYLORReginald TActing Stoker Petty OfficerK63135
TAYLORMark WLeading SeamanJX135176
TAYLORJohnOrdinary SeamanJX175726
THOMSONRobert KActing GunnerNot Applicable
TILLAlbert CTelegrapherJ83453
TIVOMEYCorneliusStoker 1st ClassK20534
TROONRichard JStoker Petty OfficerK18909
VAUGHAN-LEWISJohn C M1st LieutenantNot Applicable
WATSONAlfredStoker 1st ClassKX90737
WATTSThomas PPetty Officer CookMX48113
WAYTEEdwardActing Leading SeamanJX136685
WEEKESCharles BChief StokerK54729
WEEKESWilliam E RAble SeamanJ91977
WELLSWalter ReginaldSub LieutenantNot Applicable
WESTLAKEWilliam JStoker 1st ClassK17291
WILTONWilliam TLeading CookMX50469
YOUNGWalter P BTelegrapherJ92743

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A Hard Fought Ship
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