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The names on the Chart
The passengers and crew of the Zeemanshoop
Tuesday 14 - Wednesday 15 May 1940

The Zeemanshoop was a Dutch lifeboat at Scheveningen, a coastal resort and fishing port near The Hague, which was hijacked by four university students to escape to England on the day they heard the broadcast announcement of the surrender of Dutch forces.

The names of the 46 passengers and crew of the Zeemanshoop were written on the back of a chart of the coast of the Netherlands during the voyage. The chart is now in the North Holland Archive but has been widely reproduced and was on display at the reunion held at Scheveningen on the anniversary of the voyage. The last name on the list is that of Lou Meijers and since his is the only name for which both initials are given he was probably the student who wrote the list. Despite differences in spelling, the lack of forenames and married women being merely appended to the names of their husbands as vrouw (wife) this chart has been the key to tracing the families of those who escaped almost certain death in a concentration camp or if young, male and Dutch joined the fight to free their country.

At least two are alive today: Karel Dahmen is a fit 96 year old who lives in Austin, Texas, and sculls on its lake with a crew of young women, and Loet Velmans lives in the USA with his wife who survived the Holocaust to write a best selling book about her experience. Marien de Jonge celebrated his hundreth birthday in September 2011 but died at The Hague on the 16 July 2012.

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List of passengers and crew on the Zeemanshoop
Belinfante and sister          
Goldschmidt and wife
Mrs Daniels
Jacob Meier

Fam (family) Arnheim / Aruheim 3 women and 1 man - or Von Stroheim?
Note: Harry Hack gave this name as Stroheim

P Zaitscheck(or, perhaps, a transcription of the Czech name, Zajíček)                         
Mayer and wife
Meuleman and wife
Munzer and wife

Velmans and wife and son
Polak and wife and son
Fischer and wife

Goldschmidt (2nd) and wife
Speijer    to the right and very faint Jonge
Van Wezel

- ditto -

Drukker and wife

Mrs Reidemeister ditto
Note: this name would therefore read Mrs Reidemeister Neurath (which is how Dutch women are often addressed – two surnames)
Van der Laan

+ 4 Crew

Harry Hack


L M Meijers

Time thge Zeemanshoop left Scheveningen recorded on chart with passenger names

"First voyage of the motor boat Zeemanshoop from Scheveningen to England.
Departure Scheveningen Tuesday 14 May 1940 + or - 9".
This was before the introduction of "daylight saving time" and would correspond to 10 pm today,
the time when the sun set, the sky darkened and the Zeemanshoop could leave harbour unobserved.

I would like to hear from the families of the following passengers

Jacob Meier (or Meyer) described by Harry Hack as a "Koopman (merchant) in London", Meuleman and wife, Singer (assumed to be male), Van Wezel, three women and a man with a name which has been variously interpreted as Von Arnheim / Aruheim or Von Stroheim, and a man with a Czech name which may be P. Zaitschek / Zaitichek / Zaitichik but more likely a mis-spelling of the Czech name Zajíček (meaning in English, Bunny, a small rabbit).

Their names were recorded on the sea chart during the voyage but they have not been traced and I would be grateful to anybody who can identify them and provide further information.

"The list of names was then written on the back of a sea chart of the Netherlands ... " (Meijers)
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The chart in now in the regional archive of the department Noord-Holland in Haarlem
It was reproduced in a special issue of
De Reddingboot issued in December 1972 on the "Adventures of the motor lifeboat Zeemanshoop"
And was exhibited at the reunion of the families
on the  14 May 2015 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the voyage of the Zeemanshoop
The sea chart was photographed by Dr Michelle Henning

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