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Crew List - HMS Hecla, 12 November 1942

The ship's complement changed each time HMS Hecla was re-commissioned. This list of the 858 officers and men who were aboard Hecla when she was torpedoed off the coast of North Africa on the night of 11 - 12 November 1942 has been been extracted by TNT Data Services (under contract to the MOD) from the Pay and Victualing Ledgers, bound volumes of the returns completed by ships writers.  Links are given to further details on this website or elsewhere on the Internet. The Admiralty issued a list of those killed or Missing Presumed Killed (MPK) which can be viewed as a PDF. There is no published list of survivors rescued by HMS Venomous and HMS Marne.

The following names on the list can not be confirmed as being on board:

Arliss, Stephen H.T.
McCoy, James A
Gow, James A
Hardingham, George
Hoile, Ronald R
Lilley, Raymond L
Smith, Frank A
Canteen Manager
Canteen Assistant
 2nd Canteen Assistant
1st Canteen Assistant
3rd Canteen Assistant

Captain Stephen H.T. Arliss RN was the CO of HMS Hecla until 2 August while under repair at Simon's Town but was also the designated Commodore commanding the Eastern Fleet Destroyer Flotilla based at Mombassa and is believed to have taken passage on HMS Hecla when she left for Gibraltar via Freetown but his name was not found by TNT in the Pay and VIctualing records as being in Hecla so does not appear on the crew list below.

Captain James A. McCoy succeeded Arliss as the CO of HMS Hecla in August but Capt George Faulkner was in command when Hecla left in late October for Gibraltar. Capt McCoy is thought to have been at HMS Afrikander (RN base, Simonstown, South Africa) when Hecla was torpedoed but may have been on passage in Hecla.

The catering manager and his assistants were civilians and their dates of service on Hecla were not given in the Pay and Victualing Ledgers.

If a member of your family is on this list and you would like me to tell his story on this website get in touch. I shall need your help in supplying family stories and photographs but this is a hobby for me so there is of course no charge. Click on the links to read.  If you want to know the full story of the loss of HMS Hecla and the rescue of survivors you may like to consider buying a copy of the new edition of A Hard Fought Ship which was published in May this year.

For details of how to apply for the service records of a family member on this list see: http://www.holywellhousepublishing.co.uk/servicerecords.html

Bill Forster
Holywell House Publishing

Ackroyd George Electrical Artificer 4th Class MX73812
Adams William Stoker 1st Class K13617
Adams Leslie A Coder JX293668
Aggett Charles J Stoker 1st Class KX92321
Aikin Alfred Stoker 1st Class KX110905
Aitken John Temporary Acting Leading Seaman JX151705
Alcock Alfred Stoker 1st Class KX110245
Aldridge William J Stoker 1st Class KX99377
Aldridge Thomas J Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class MX96018
Alexander Harry C R Lieutenant Commander  
Alexander Arthur G G Stoker 1st Class KX144032
Alldridge Reginald A Able Seaman JX224773
Allen William A Able Seaman JX218992
Andrews Thomas J Able Seaman JX219842
Appleby Howard Acting Leading Stoker KX92421
Arkison George F C  Stoker 1st Class KX111757
Armstrong Victor A Able Seaman JX184776
Arthur Lancelot Stoker 1st Class SS125256
Ashcroft William Stoker 1st Class KX111755
Ashcroft William Stoker 1st Class KX136104
Ashmore Henry Temporary Acting Leading Stoker KX95345
Atkinson Jack Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class MX92823
Badger William J Probationary Engine Room Mechanic MX92825
Badman Searle W Stoker 1st Class KX111767
Bagnall Murray H Stores Assistant MX66776
Bailey Frederick Stoker 1st Class KX130216
Baines George Stoker 1st Class KX112566
Baker William J Temporary Acting Leading Stoker KX98248
Ball Thomas Stoker 1st Class KX108231
Barber Kenneth E W Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX72814
Barker Herbert T Ordinary Seaman JX351185
Bartlett Alfred H Temporary Stoker Petty Officer KX83581
Bartley Lester C Stoker 1st Class KX111273
Barton Francis W Gunner (T)  
Bastable Charles H Sick Berth Petty Officer MX47457
Bastin Walter J Leading Stoker K30645
Batey John J Telegrapher SSX27685
Baxter Thomas P Acting Able Seaman JX182674
Bayliss Francis Ordnance Mechanic 5th Class MX90561
Bean Albert D Temporary Leading Stores Assistant MX63711
Beardmore George F Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class MX92896
Beaton Charles J Able Seaman J8041
Beatson John W Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class MX96036
Beeson Eric Stoker 1st Class KX137069
Bell George Stoker 1st Class KX80976
Bell James W  Ordinary Seaman JX318963
Bennett John F Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class SA330351
Bernard Patrick J G Lieutenant  
Beswick Francis Stoker 1st Class KX110767
Bicknell Alfred Stoker 1st Class SS124345
Bird Henry S Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX71928
Bishop  Reginald H Ordinary Seaman JX351192
Blackshaw Frank Able Seaman MD/X1470
Blake Charles J E Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class MX92814
Bloor Arthur W Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class MX92835
Bond Eric C Ordnance Artificer 4th Class MX50883
Boniface William H Able Seaman JX200504
Bostwick Thomas Stoker 1st Class KX121570
Bott George W R Able Seaman JX208575
Bowen Albert E Able Seaman J57575
Bower James Leading Stoker K8482
Boyle Cyril B Electrical Artificer 4th Class MX57840
Braddock James W Stoker 1st Class KX129792
Bradshaw Howell G Stoker 1st Class KX105975
Brealey Haydn S Able Seaman JX255775
Bretherton Thomas H Stoker 1st Class KX108229
Brettell Geoffrey S Temporary Lieutenant (E)  
Brett-Littlechild Ronald Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX65517
Brierley Charles Stoker 1st Class KX110994
Bright  James W Sailmaker J103529
Britton James Electrical Artificer 4th Class MX77858
Brokenshire Harry F Electrical Artificer 1st Class M38679
Brooker Frank Stoker 1st Class KX110077
Brooks Edward W Stoker 1st Class KX105979
Brosnan Thomas Ordinary Telegrapher JX232209
Brotherton James Chief Petty Officer J33645
Brown Tom Able Seaman SSX12357
Brown Claude D Telegrapher SSX32990
Brown George J Able Seaman JX303281
Brown Ivan S Temporary Acting Leading Stoker KX95069
Brown Norman R Sick Berth Chief Petty Officer M36509
Brown Onslow R A  Chief Electrical Artificer MX59360
Brown Frederick A Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class MX96013
Brownhill John L Ordnance Mechanic 5th Class MX90547
Brunton George C Stoker 1st Class KX111964
Bryan Thomas W Stoker Petty Officer KX77518
Buckingham John R Regulating Petty Officer MX63547
Bullock Arthur Temporary Leading Sick Berth Attendant DX7639
Bunce Walter E Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class MX96047
Burnicle James H Able Seaman JX254872
Burns Thomas Temporary Acting Leading Stoker KX107235
Burroughs David R Shipwright 4th Class MX53616
Burrows Christopher Ordinary Seaman JX319267
Burton Henry Stoker 1st Class KX121340
Burton John Able Seaman SSX14917
Bushnell Charles F Officers Cook 1st Class L14654
Butcher Harry Able Seaman JX216539
Butcher Frederick Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class MX92897
Butler Roland V Engine Room Artificer 1st Class D386EC
Butler Charles W Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class FX86065 / MX101736
Buxton Thomas Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class MX92898
Byrd Alfred S Able Seaman SANF68677




Byrne George Able Seaman SSX21568
Cain Frederick A Able Seaman JX284091
Calder Joseph A Able Seaman JX322064
Callard Francis Temporary Acting Leading Stoker K58028
Callis Joseph H Able Seaman JX209861
Campbell Philip Able Seaman JX305019
Cannon Howard R Temporary Acting Leading Seaman JX134723
Carey Daniel C Petty Officer J115257
Carr William Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX70509
Carter James Temporary Officers Cook L14016
Carter John A Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class MX96042
Chalmers James Stoker 1st Class KX104954
Chamberlayne Robert    Telegrapher JX208044
Chambers Thomas J Stoker 1st Class KX144041
Chambers Herbert E Coder JX293691
Chapman Allan Stoker 1st Class KX105647
Chapman James L Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class MX92900
Chapman Ronald G Able Seaman S4343
Cheetham Alfred Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX71345
Cherry Allan C Able Seaman NZD3400
Childs Albert M Signalman JX132179
Ching Frederick A  Petty Officer J109869
Chitty Alfred A F H Ordnance Mechanic 5th Class MX96150
Clark Sydney G Schoolmaster  
Clark John A Able Seaman JX151255
Clark Albert E Acting Stoker 1st Class KX129954
Clarke Albert Ordnance Artificer 4th Class MX59198
Clatworthy Thomas A Able Seaman JX130132
Clayton William L H Shipwright 4th Class MX51881
Cliffe Harry Able Seaman JX204268
Clift James Stoker 1st Class KX138498
Clode Roger L Lieutenant  
Clunie Gilbert Electrical Mechanic 5th Class MX90880
Cobden Horace A Temporary Acting Yeoman of Signals J29734
Codman Richard W Able Seaman J98411
Colclough Thomas G Signalman JX231515
Coleman Leslie J Able Seaman JX220007
Coleman Edward Electrical Artificer 4th Class MX61798
Collard Stanley B Stoker 1st Class KX111999
Collett John Acting Able Seaman JX253660
Collings Kenneth C Sick Berth Petty Officer MX90246
Conibear Sidney B Stoker Petty Officer KX77612
Connor Harry Stoker 1st Class KX111598
Cook Sydney C Chief Petty Officer Cook (S) M37391
Cook (BEM) John Temporary Leading Steward LX21781
Cooke Herbert C Acting Electrical Artificer 4th Class MX52290
Cooksley Joseph Leading Stoker K1929
Copas George Stoker 1st Class KX131855
Corbett Bruce Able Seaman JX131693
Corcoran Joseph Stoker 1st Class KX130246
Cordell James C Able Seaman JX136443
Cornish Harry Able Seaman JX304862
Correy William S Stoker 1st Class KX144044
Corrigan Joseph G Able Seaman JX285810
Cosgrove Thomas Able Seaman JX187998
Cotton John Ordinary Signalman JX188473
Cotton John Ordinary Signalman JX188473
Couch William C Stoker Petty Officer K6112




Coulton James Able Seaman JX190277
Coupland Watson Stoker 1st Class SS120488
Cowley Frank K Temporary Petty Officer Writer MX63531
Cox Guy H G Temporary Lieutenant  
Cripwell Arthur R Temporary Acting Leading Stoker KX88496




Crompton Alfred Stoker 1st Class KX121619
Crossland Frank Stoker 1st Class KX138492




Crowhurst James T G Able Seaman JX322069
Crowhurst Frederick Stoker 1st Class KX136365
Cudd Percy A Regulating Petty Officer MX74722
Cummings James Acting Stoker 1st Class KX132720
Cummins Thomas Plumber MX68854
Curnow John F Cook MX62755
Curry James E Able Seaman NZD3402
Daunt Terence Able Seaman S4322
Davidson Thomas S Able Seaman SSX27269
Davidson William R L Engine Room Artificer 1st Class M13539
Davies Ronald J Able Seaman SSX33913
Davies Jack Engine Room Artificer 1st Class MX47008
Davies William J Stoker Petty Officer K55391
Davitt Patrick Stoker 1st Class KX116870
Deacon Frank A Stoker 1st Class KX106602
Dean Charles T Chief Yeoman of Signals J30568
Dee Robert N Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX74882
Deeble Peter S Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class MX92382
Deller George D Temporary Leading Stores Assistant MX68964
Dennis Henry Stoker 1st Class KX130254
Denslow Major S Stoker 1st Class KX121479
Dent Reginald A Chief Petty Officer Writer MX48824
Derrick Walter R Stoker 1st Class KX144046
Dick Peter Stoker 1st Class KX106430
Diggines Edward J Leading Cook MX52889
Dixon Alfred H Stoker Petty Officer K56759
Dixon Joseph H Ordinary Seaman JX318609
Doak James Temporary Leading Cook (S) MX64048
Doble Rupert J Temporary Lieutenant (E)  
Dodds George W Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX74880
Dodds John L Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class MX51618
Doggett Arthur H Petty Officer Cook MX48958
Doherty William P Able Seaman JX288157
Donaldson James W  Ordinary Seaman JX351238
Doney Maurice C Blacksmith 4th Class MX63534
Donkin John Able Seaman NZD3424
Dore Ronald J Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class MX47346
Dorey  Thomas Seaman X17940A
Dowman Donald W Able Seaman NZD3425
Downie Alexander Acting Blacksmith 4th Class MX74175
Downing Arthur K Able Seaman JX137641
D'Oyly John R Acting Commander    
Drake Sidney W Stoker 1st Class KX104505
Draycott John Stoker 1st Class KX105883
Dunford Joseph G Able Seaman JX203113
Dutton Alfred Stoker 1st Class KX107210
Dwane Michael Acting Able Seaman SSX36522
Eagland James S Able Seaman J89700
Eastham John Chief Electrical Artificer MX46274
Eddy William F M Warrant Shipwright  
Edgar Lawrence Able Seaman JX287450
Edmunds Harry   Warrant Electrician  
Edwards Roy Able Seaman JX128707
Edwards Norman D Signalman JX250117
Edwards Ernest Steward LX23624
Edwards Frederick Stoker 1st Class K55771
Egan Eugene Able Seaman JX161462
Elgar Leslie C Shipwright 1st Class M10903
Elliott Robert Able Seaman SSX33907
Elliott Cyril A Temporary Supplies Petty Officer MX59678
Ellis David M Temporary Acting Leading Stoker KX104446
Elliston Leonard W Petty Officer JX134746
Elrick Edward E Canteen Assistant not recorded
Eustice Frederick Petty Officer JX140780
Eustice Reginald H Able Seaman JX303075
Evans David S Able Seaman JX321048
Eyles Robert F Able Seaman JX304987
Fairbanks Ernest W Acting Shipwright 4th Class MX72858
Fairbrother Ernest Able Seaman JX155946
Farmer Gilbert Stoker 1st Class KX144053
Farr  Lawrence H Warrant Ordnance Officer  
Farrell Robert Shipwright 4th Class MX70496




Farrell Matthew Stoker 1st Class KX106643
Farrington James  Able Seaman JX288269
Farrington Thomas H Cook (S) MX64678
Farrow  James G Warrant Engineer  
Fassett Sydney A Shipwright 4th Class MX60135
Faulkner George F B Acting Captain  
Faulkner Leslie H Leading Seaman JX132044
Faulkner Jabez Able Seaman JX166178 / J34763
Faulkner Arthur J Acting Able Seaman JX191984
Fearon Peter A Able Seaman NZD3477
Fensome Harold W Ordinary Telegrapher JX316823
Fergusson John R Temporary Acting Stoker Petty Officer KX87376
Finch Frederick W Electrical Artificer 2nd Class M39487
Findlay William Engine Room Artificer 4th Class SMX82
Findlay  Hugh W Lieutenant Commander (E)  
Finemore David T Able Seaman JX218990
Fisher Joseph Able Seaman JX200554
Fitzgerald Roland Able Seaman NZD3404
Fitzgerald John Leading Stoker K32047
Fitzgerald Arthur J Painter 4th Class MX55681
Fitzsimmons John F Leading Seaman JX151448
Folkard Cecil H Electrical Artificer 4th Class MX77538
Ford Albert W Stoker 1st Class K62245
Ford James Stoker 1st Class KX118009
Ford Roland R Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class MX92381
Forrest Victor E Shipwright 4th Class MX51877
Fortey George J Stoker 1st Class KX144057
Fox Walter    Able Seaman JX189173
Fox Walter Stoker 1st Class KX105651
Fox William T Stoker 1st Class KX109360
Francis Charles E Stoker 1st Class K56506
Frazer John Stoker 1st Class KX97552
French Francis Steward LX23109
Frost Bryan M Ordinary Seaman JX324097
Frowde Ernest V Steward SR307
Fry James Stoker 1st Class KX105418
Fulton Robert A  Able Seaman NZD3478
Gabb Sidney H Able Seaman JX178583
Galvin Thomas J Able Seaman NZD3406
Galvin Thomas J Stoker 1st Class KX111658
Gant George O Temporary Petty Officer Cook (O) MX49126
Garden  James Stoker 1st Class KX115889
Gardiner Reginald G Petty Officer Steward L14447
Gardiner William Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX79361
Garrett Angus C Temporary Acting Leading Seaman JX148580
Gartside Fred Cook (S) MX66465
Gay William Cook (S) MX66196
Geary John H Temporary Leading Cook (S) MX65204
Gerard Oswald J Acting Commander (E)  
Gibson Edward W Leading Stoker K9604
Giffard Harry Stoker 1st Class KX110851
Gifford John F Able Seaman J113259
Gilbee Morris G Ordnance Artificer 4th Class MX63327
Gilbert Lawrence   Temporary Acting Leading Seaman J20811
Giles Frank R Ordnance Artificer 4th Class MX68860
Giles  William J M Able Seaman JX218914
Gill Horace L Temporary Acting Leading Stoker KX96308
Gillingwater John R Able Seaman SSX23532
Gillon Lance Stephen Able Seaman JX169430
Gittins Geoffrey Ordinary Seaman JX154534
Glanville  William Seaman 5858D
Glasper Henry S Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX76424
Goddard Herbert G Temporary Acting Petty Officer J34245
Goddard Edgar Stoker 1st Class K64284
Goldsmith Alfred Painter MX78410
Gordon Edwin H Temporary Acting Leading Seaman JX152226
Gorton Henry Acting Electrical Artificer 4th Class MX79460
Gourd Edward J Stoker 1st Class KX109505
Gow James A Canteen Manager not recorded
Grange Robert L Leading Radio Mechanic MX102053
Grant William Stoker 1st Class KX77635
Grant William E Engine Room Artificer 1st Class M33219
Grant Maurice Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class MX48747
Gray John Mc G Able Seaman JX165926
Graystone Denis A Able Seaman JX323307
Greedy Frederick W Temporary Acting Petty Officer J114292
Green Reginald T Petty Officer JX128806
Greenall Robert Stoker 1st Class SS123822
Greenhalgh Charles Ordnance Artificer 4th Class MX59193
Greenwood Ronald Petty Officer JX137426
Gregson Hugh Leading Telegrapher JX151787
Griffin Michael Chief Petty Officer Telegrapher J70758
Griffin Edward J Leading Stoker K63229
Griffiths Gwilym Able Seaman SSX29596
Griffiths Albert Stores Assistant MX72304
Grimshaw Alban Electrical Artificer 3rd Class MX52132
Grose Raymond Temporary Stoker Petty Officer KX75205
Hackett Ernest T Paymaster Lieutenant  
Hadley George A Stoker Petty Officer K5771
Hall Edward F Leading Steward L12498
Hall Norman R Cook (S) DX135
Hall Kenneth H P  Electrical Artificer 4th Class MX66236
Hall James E  Ordinary Seaman JX231412
Hamilton Walter Plumber 3rd Class MX61721
Hamilton Robert A Acting Electrical Artificer 4th Class MX89240
Hamley Cyril E Able Seaman SSX25395
Hammond William G Stoker 1st Class KX112956
Hannaford William A  Leading Stoker K10323
Hannaford Frederick J Stoker 1st Class K14938
Hannah Henry Electrical Mechanic 5th Class MX89515
Hanratty Peter Plumber 4th Class MX65644
Harber John C H Master at Arms M39787
Harbottle Leonard Stoker 1st Class KX110931
Harbour Stanley Able Seaman J92702
Hardacre Thomas R S Stoker 1st Class KX135573
Hardingham George Canteen Assistant not recorded
Hardware Cyril B Electrical Artificer 4th Class MX63003
Harmsworth William Able Seaman J90669
Harper Albert D Able Seaman JX187994
Harris Gerald M Temporary Petty Officer SR8534
Harris (BEM) Ronald J Able Seaman JX188003




Harrison Ernest Stoker 1st Class KX138700
Hartneddy Richard Stoker 1st Class KX93884
Harwood John Ordinary Seaman JX319376
Hawkins George  Signalman SSX33011
Hayman Charles H Leading Stoker KX77491
Hayward William E Commissioned Gunner (T)  
Hayward Leonard V Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class MX92351
Healey John T Stoker 1st Class KX110276
Heath William A Chief Engine Room Artificer MX12519
Heavens John S Stoker 1st Class KX98592
Hellyer Reginald L J Ordinary Seaman JX231265
Henry Albert N Temporary Acting Leading Stoker KX103929
Henton Benjamin Stoker 1st Class KX111671
Heppleston James W Joiner MX74023
Heslop George Cook (S) MX55984
Hetherington Stephen L Temporary Surgeon Lieutenant  
Hewitson Vincent E Temporary Acting Leading Stoker KX103874
Hewitt Reginald J Joiner 4th Class MX71410
Higham Richard Able Seaman SSX17117
Hill Alfred G Leading Seaman J93133
Hill Joseph Temporary Acting Stoker Petty Officer KX80400
Hill Bertram J Blacksmith M37873
Hill Frederick Steward LX28236
Hill Louis A Ordinary Seaman JX305487
Hinchliffe James Steward LX26669
Hingston (BEM) Edwin C Engine Room Artificer 1st Class M18951
Hitchen Eli Stoker 1st Class K64949
Hitchen James  Cook (S) MX81849
Hobbs Henry T Chief Shipwright M14332
Hobbs Robert Steward LX27811
Hodges Edward G Able Seaman J106144
Hoile Ronald R 2nd Canteen Assistant not recorded
Holcombe (BEM) Henry P Temporary Acting Petty Officer J108244
Holden  Fred Able Seaman JX187907
Hole Kenneth T Ordinary Seaman JX319380
Holmes William Stoker 1st Class KX110176
Holmes Norman Electrical Mechanic 5th Class MX89523
Holt John Acting Able Seaman JX226952
Honey Herbert D Warrant Stores Officer  
Hooley David Able Seaman JX272422
Hopgood Hughbert C Able Seaman J109739
Hopkins John Stoker Petty Officer KX12428
Horn Harry Chief Stoker K63912
Horn Arthur L Ordinary Seaman JX324071
Horrell Henry J Chief Electrical Artificer M35630
Hotchkiss John McK S Temporary Paymaster Sub Lieutenant  
Howard John H Ordnance Mechanic 5th Class MX90546
Howells Harold W Stoker 1st Class KX110932
Huck Thomas W Engine Room Artificer 5th Class MX53962
Hudson Maurice Sick Berth Attendant MX80425
Hudson Tom Electrical Mechanic 5th Class MX88835
Hughes Stanley G Electrical Artificer 3rd Class MX56247
Hughes Sydney Cook (O) MX81821
Hughes Brinley Stoker 1st Class KX106717
Hughes Hiram J Temporary Acting Leading Stoker KX107609
Hullott Stanley F Ordnance Artificer 4th Class MX88557
Hunt Alfred J Stoker 1st Class KX103713
Hunter William Stoker 2nd Class KX128261
Huntley Henry J  Acting Electrical Artificer 4th Class MX92317
Hutchings William J Stoker Petty Officer K4549
Hutchison  Robert Warrant Writer  
Igglesden Alfred E Petty Officer Telegrapher J30077
Jackson Frederick S Cook (O) MX90275
Jackson (DSM) Francis W Able Seaman JX140461
Jacobs Frederick W C Joiner 4th Class MX70501
Jago Richard B Able Seaman JX219050
James David B Able Seaman JX213021
Janes  Clifford H Leading Radio Mechanic MX93194
Jarvis George H Chief Petty Officer J80031
Jarvis Samuel Stoker 1st Class KX121650
Jarvis Jack E Temporary Petty Officer DX24
Jenkin Kenneth H P  Temporary Supplies Petty Officer MX53437
Jenkins William B Acting Joiner 4th Class MX74025
Jennings Clifford T Electrical Artificer 4th Class MX77029
Jepson George Leading Telegrapher J81422
John Emrys E Stoker 1st Class KX105141
Johns Ernest   Able Seaman JX219843
Johns Henry N E Stoker 1st Class KX138426
Johns Thomas W Stoker 1st Class K25421
Jones David R O Temporary Lieutenant  
Jones Idwal O Able Seaman JX219092
Jones William Able Seaman JX210029
Jones John Temporary Leading Stoker K62972
Jones Harry Stoker 1st Class KX121489
Jones Robert H Stoker 2nd Class KX144923
Jones Melville E Coder JX223826
Jones Bernard Able Seaman SANF562630
Jones  Henry E Temporary Acting Petty Officer X7897C
Joy  Walter G Leading Sick Berth Attendant MX49350
Juson Stanley G Ordinary Seaman JX321148
Kay Ronald   Able Seaman JX275300
Keam Herbert T K  Temporary Leading Cook (S) MX62748
Keenan James L Stoker 1st Class KX78513
Kellett Charles Leading Stoker KX77617
Kelly William M C Chief Stoker K57969
Kenny John Able Seaman SSX24889
King George M Stoker 1st Class KX105928
King John H Cook (O) MX86110
King Ronald S Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX77457
King  Ernest Temporary Leading Cook (S) MX58518
Kingslan Samuel J Able Seaman JX304861
Kirby Reginald L Warrant Engineer  
Kirk Bernard L Able Seaman JX237349
Kirk Harold A L  Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class SA330284
Kitcat Cecil de W Temporary Acting Surgeon Lieutenant Commander  
Kite Reginald J Able Seaman J94706
Kite Eric James Ordnance Artificer 4th Class MX55281
Kitson David Sick Berth Attendant MX80429
Kittow Charles S Able Seaman JX304750
Knapp Cedric G Acting Shipwright 4th Class MX66913
Kneebone Arthur F Shipwright 4th Class MX50972
Knight Clifford Stoker 1st Class KX93258
Knight John W Ordnance Mechanic 5th Class MX96149
Knight  Graeme S Temporary Sub Lieutenant  
Knight  Alfred W Able Seaman JX232975
Knox Washington S Leading Cook (S) MX54198
Lacey James A Able Seaman JX161779
Lamb John G Probationary Engine Room Mechanic MX92930
Lambert Edward R Engine Room Artificer 1st Class MX51958
Lancaster Robert A  Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX75372
Landells Donald P Chief Engine Room Artificer M26945
Langdon John Stoker 1st Class KX93288
Langley William H Able Seaman JX219770
Langmead Henry A Shipwright 4th Class MX52936
Lashbrook Edward Able Seaman JX219850
Lavallin Ronald G Temporary Acting Leading Seaman JX219117
Lavender Harry Temporary Leading Stores Assistant MX82035
Lavery John Stoker 1st Class KX88974
Lawrence Leonard G Ordnance Mechanic 5th Class MX96164
Lawrie John E Temporary Petty Officer Steward L14112 / LX24690
Lean Henry Stoker Petty Officer K6115
Lee Peter Able Seaman JX288675
Lee Leonard C Stoker 1st Class KX104873
Lee Robert R Able Seaman JX305053
Leech John Stoker Petty Officer K21281
Lemberg Frederick J Able Seaman NZD3486
Levein Charles R Temporary Leading Seaman J113851
Levey John Ordinary Seaman JX319104
Lewis Cyril J Able Seaman J46492
Lewis Charles A Able Seaman JX208594
Lewis William J Temporary Leading Stoker KX118008
Lewis Robert W Stoker 1st Class KX117820
Lewis Arnold J Temporary Supplies Chief Petty Officer MX46380
Lilley Raymond L 1st Canteen Assistant not recorded
Limm Edward Steward LX26530
Lineker John T Able Seaman JX288262
Lloyd Harold W Joiner 4th Class MX67745
Lloyd George H Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class SA330353
Long John Acting Stoker 1st Class KX117591
Lovell Francis W Able Seaman JX230013
Lowe William H Acting Stoker 1st Class KX133042
Lowen Bob Acting Electrical Artificer 4th Class MX55245
Lucas Alfred Stoker 1st Class SS124788
Luckman Reginald F Able Seaman JX323421
Luxton Thomas Petty Officer Cook MX46289
Lynch Bernard E Able Seaman JX223549
Lynch James Stoker 1st Class KX106369
Lyons John J Able Seaman SSX25499
Lythgoe John Sick Berth Attendant DX7237
Macklin Charles R Stoker 1st Class KX115722
Madden William L Able Seaman JX157055
Madge Frank Leading Stoker K1732
Mahoney Terence A Able Seaman JX237247
Maine Reginald H Temporary Acting Petty Officer B/DX1370
Male George E Temporary Leading Sick Berth Attendant MX62761
Malone Michael J Leading Cook (S) MX63373
Marsland John Ordnance Artificer 4th Class SMX429
Mason Thomas A  Steward LX24757
Matthews Thomas A Plumber 4th Class MX74977
May Edward J Telegrapher SR8184
McAllister Alfred E Able Seaman JX304025
McAuley Henry Stoker Petty Officer K7498
McCarthy Arthur Able Seaman JX159040
McCormack William Able Seaman JX193812
McCormick John W Stoker 1st Class KX95186
McCoy James A Captain  
McDonald Hector Chief Petty Officer J77519
McGeoch William Stoker 1st Class KX121318
McGorrin Joseph Steward LX27166
McGough Henry Able Seaman JX223457
McGovern Thomas Stoker Petty Officer K5606
McGruer Robert Stoker 1st Class LT/X3163U
McKay John Stoker 1st Class KX108975
McKenzie John Seaman X10060B
McKerney James Able Seaman JX208548
McLachlan Arthur H Able Seaman MD/X2044
McLoughlin Thomas Temporary Acting Leading Seaman SSX22042
McLoughlin Daniel   Able Seaman JX212871
McManus Patrick Ordinary Seaman JX282859
McMinn Edgar S Stoker 1st Class KX105564
McOnie Brian D Able Seaman NZD3490
McPherson Angus Temporary Surgeon Lieutenant (D)  
McTaggart James Ordnance Artificer 4th Class MX88573
McWilliams Herbert H Temporary Lieutenant  
Meech Charles M Electrical Artificer 1st Class M10869
Mercer Joseph A Able Seaman JX208593
Metcalfe Kenneth Able Seaman JX321150
Milford Samuel Acting Chief Engine Room Artificer MX48984
Millar Thomas W Stoker 1st Class KX110939
Miller John Signalman JX187799
Minor George W D Petty Officer J100426
Mitchell Charles H Able Seaman J25918
Mitchell William Able Seaman SSX33992
Mitchell Reginald A Painter MX51186
Mitchell Patrick Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class MX92303
Moncrieff Arthur P Sick Berth Attendant MX75336
Monk Frank L Paymaster Captain  
Morgan Stanley A Temporary Chief Petty Officer Cook MX48084
Morgan Glyndwr Officers Cook 1st Class LX20523
Morgan George Joiner 4th Class MX85853
Morrell George L Temporary Leading Sick Berth Attendant MX58991
Morris Henry Acting Stoker 1st Class KX133584
Morrow Patrick M Ordinary Seaman JX324097
Mortimer Norman A Stoker 1st Class KX147817
Mortimer Leslie Ordinary Seaman JX323724
Moss Brian C Cook (O) MX70330
Mulholland Thomas Stoker 1st Class KX136342
Mulligan Walter Stoker 1st Class KX110127
Mullock George R Stoker 1st Class KX110193
Murphy Joseph O Ordinary Seaman JX324526
Murrell George P Able Seaman J44776
Nairne William J W Temporary Acting Leading Seaman SSX18737
Nancarrow Leslie Chief Ordnance Artificer MX45664
Narbey Vincent F L  Able Seaman NZD3491
Nash Charles S Temporary Acting Leading Stoker KX93131
Nelson Ernest E Stoker 1st Class SS119136
Nelson William H Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX71911
Newitt William Stoker 1st Class K18095
Newman Albert H Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class MX51425
Nicholls Ernest C Ordinary Seaman JX302284
Nicholls Ernest W Ordnance Artificer 4th Class MX68766
Nichols William G C Stoker 1st Class KX101467
Nicol Bernard B Able Seaman NZD3493
Nolan John T Stoker 1st Class KX106056
Norcott Sydney C Temporary Acting Boatswain  
Northcott William J Stoker Petty Officer K56692
Northfield Charles Temporary Acting Leading Seaman J93992
O' Flaherty Joseph Able Seaman JX208736
O'Brien James P Stoker 1st Class KX98513
O'Carroll John L Electrical Artificer 4th Class MX66752
Odey Charles W Able Seaman J114211
Olds Thomas J Acting Able Seaman JX208330
Oliver George Stoker 1st Class LX22523
O'Neill Thomas Temporary Acting Stoker Petty Officer K65824
Opie Thomas J C Chief Engine Room Artificer M24900
Orkes Wilfred Able Seaman JX189816
Osborne Richard J Temporary Leading Stores Assistant MX67828
Osman Leonard C Able Seaman J97272
Owen Horace F Stoker 2nd Class KX148489
Packer Vivian L Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX78984
Packer William J Stoker 1st Class KX77802
Page Thomas Sailmaker JX153654
Page Reginald J Able Seaman J105082
Pardue William  Able Seaman SSX12077
Parsons Bernard T Ordinary Seaman JX231267
Pascoe Ronald M Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX72817
Patch William J Able Seaman JX219778
Patrick John Able Seaman JX219766
Paul Douglas V Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class M37667
Paul Francis B Stoker 1st Class KX112017
Payne Thomas Stoker 2nd Class KX130327
Pearson William Stores Assistant MX73272
Peers Charles V Able Seaman SA562653
Peers Charles V Able Seaman SA562653
Penk Sydney Able Seaman JX218945
Pentreath John Cook (S) MX83829
Percy Jack Stoker 1st Class K59670
Phillips Stanley C P Leading Coder JX199658
Pickton George E Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class MX92335
Pitcher Reginald J Stoker 1st Class KX114365
Plowman John F Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX75382
Plummer George E A  Temporary Supplies Petty Officer DX126
Pope Percy Stoker 1st Class K56036
Porter Ledgerwood G Temporary Acting Gunner  
Pound Roy Temporary Acting Leading Seaman SSX24097
Powell Laurence H Chief Joiner M39099
Preece Donald A Temporary Leading Stores Assistant MX64705
Pringle Henry Ordinary Telegrapher JX270693
Pritchard William H Cook (S) MX63196
Probert Edgar R Able Seaman JX128059
Proctor Leslie W Electrical Artificer 4th Class MX79979
Prout George E Stoker 2nd Class KX91187
Prowse Arthur J Temporary Acting Leading Stoker KX111796
Puleston Maurice W G Stoker 1st Class KX104143
Pyle Thomas G Able Seaman JX221092
Radcliffe Horace W Stoker Petty Officer K8407
Radford Vivian H Able Seaman JX219100
Rawnsley Herbert Able Seaman SS9771
Raywood Thomas Able Seaman M/DX2579
Read George H Writer MX86627
Redmore Arthur J Able Seaman JX218905
Rees Kelvin Surgeon Lieutenant (D)  
Rees Elwyn Stoker 1st Class KX110956
Rees Oswald Steward LX24189
Reeves George Able Seaman S4189
Reynolds John J Able Seaman JX219203
Richard  Benjamin G Able Seaman JX131731
Richards  Stanley J Able Seaman JX161354
Richards  Bertred C L  Cook (O) MX80528
Richards  Frederick D Ordnance Artificer 3rd Class MX56269
Richardson Stanley C Temporary Sub Lieutenant  
Rigby Ronald H Ordnance Mechanic 5th Class MX90523
Robbins Frederick J Stoker 1st Class KX111797
Roberts Frank     Able Seaman JX219996
Roberts Harry R Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX71942
Robinson Albert E Temporary Leading Steward LX21441
Robinson James Able Seaman JX134054
Rodgers Stephen L Able Seaman JX296990
Rogers Percy C Shipwright 1st Class M21924
Root Sidney W Temporary Acting Leading Signalman L/DX3763
Ross John Able Seaman JX262772
Roud Joseph W Acting Electrical Artificer 4th Class MX79548
Rowbottoms Harry Able Seaman J53318
Rowe Edwin T Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class X946
Rowlands Benjamin L Temporary Acting Leading Stoker KX99952
Rowles Leslie H Temporary Leading Sick Berth Attendant MX64867
Rowley Lawrence E  Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX72812
Russell Robert Temporary Supplies Petty Officer MX51149
Rust Walter H Temporary Acting Stoker Petty Officer KX84375
Rutherford George Able Seaman CD/X2137
Ryder Cecil E Writer SA330441
Sadler Walter H Sick Berth Attendant MX72983
Sadler Charles J Stoker 1st Class SS119137
Sampson Reginald G Stoker 1st Class KX84816
Sanders Alwyn W Acting Shipwright 4th Class SA68491
Sandford William E Ordinary Seaman JX324521
Saunders Richard J Acting Warrant Cook  
Scammell Sydney G Chief Electrical Artificer MX46142
Scanlan William A G Shipwright 1st Class M13541
Scott William Temporary Acting Leading Stoker KX89781
Scott James Stoker 1st Class KX105595
Sedgwick Leslie Electrical Artificer 4th Class MX65357
Selvidge Arthur Able Seaman JX305209
Sevenoaks Frederick Shipwright 4th Class MX71190
Shaw Brian W C  Temporary Leading Sick Berth Attendant MX64151




Shaw William Steward LX26680
Shaw Frederick W Stoker Petty Officer K8378
Shaw Dennis G Ordinary Signalman JX283933
Sherwood Robert W Stores Assistant MX67823
Shields Norman Stoker 1st Class KX120781
Shone Kenneth B Temporary Acting Leading Seaman JX149842
Sime William J D Able Seaman JX222517
Sjollander Allan T Acting Electrical Artificer 4th Class SA68251
Skaife Thomas Able Seaman JX218839
Skelhorne Jabez Engine Room Artificer 4th Class SMX62
Skelton John G Blacksmith 4th Class SFX245
Sleeman Frederick A Chief Stoker K64884
Small Percy Stoker 1st Class SS120514
Smith Willie  Able Seaman JX219018
Smith James   Acting Able Seaman JX200284
Smith Thomas E L  Able Seaman JX276351
Smith Rufus B Steward LX25021
Smith Thomas E W Stoker 1st Class KX110739
Smith Ian R Acting Electrical Artificer 4th Class SA68478
Smith Warren E Ordinary Telegrapher SA330406
Smith William E T Ordinary Coder JX293950
Smith Frank A 3rd Canteen Assistant not recorded
Smout Leonard M Able Seaman JX218976
Snell Ernest R Leading Stoker K1457
Solomon Ralph L Temporary Acting Leading Seaman SSX19475
Spencer Bernard Temporary Acting Sub Lieutenant  
Spring Geoffrey N Temporary Lieutenant     
Stafford George Able Seaman SSX18935
Stafford James H Ordnance Artificer 4th Class MX68692
Stainfield Ernest K Acting Electrical Artificer 4th Class MX55331
Stanley Eric Able Seaman JX194033
Stanley Herbert G Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 222ED
Stannard Albert W Stoker 1st Class KX133977
Start Leonard J Temporary Acting Leading Seaman JX223935
Steavenson John Lieutenant     
Stocker Charley Able Seaman J17615
Stone Sidney J Supplies Chief Petty Officer M37347
Stoner Desmond C Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class MX92383
Storey Granville L G Temporary Petty Officer Writer DX84
Storey Edward Ordnance Artificer 4th Class MX68690
Storey Harold Able Seaman JX254266
Sturgess Howard G Temporary Leading Stores Assistant MX67824
Suggett William W Ordnance Mechanic 5th Class MX90551
Sullivan John Stoker Petty Officer K58646
Summerbell Alexander Able Seaman SSX12361
Surtees Robert F Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class MX92933
Sutton Reginald A Steward LX24488
Swan Stanley Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX70667
Sweetland Henry T Leading Seaman JX137497
Symes Colin D Temporary Petty Officer Writer MX56428
Symes Alexander C Ordnance Artificer 1st Class M36683
Symmonds William C Temporary Leading Cook (S) MX82616
Symons George F Engine Room Artificer 1st Class M34847
Tait Thomas  Blacksmith 4th Class MX68796
Tavlin Joseph B Stoker 1st Class KX105610
Taylor Stephen W Able Seaman JX219845
Taylor Alfred R Photographer MX58149
Taylor Needham R Able Seaman SSX17123
Taylor George Able Seaman JX187920
Taylor Thomas Stoker 1st Class KX118024
Taylor Roland E Stores Assistant MX65099
Taylor George E Able Seaman JX133763
Taylor William J Temporary Acting Leading Stoker KX108222
Templeton Harold J Acting Chief Electrical Artificer MX46058
Thick Albert J Leading Stoker K57784
Thomas Glyn Able Seaman JX247721
Thomas Frank S Stoker 1st Class KX111163
Thomas Hopkin Stoker 1st Class KX98561
Thomas Cyril A  Ordinary Seaman JX323684
Thomas Walter Cook (S) MX60959
Thompson Charles E Chief Petty Officer J53100
Thompson William Stoker 1st Class KX115452
Thompson John P Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX75368
Thomson Leslie Ordnance Mechanic 5th Class MX90541
Thorne Harry W Stoker 1st Class KX146412
Tingle Sidney J Ordinary Telegrapher JX172293
Torkington Samuel Able Seaman JX219964
Tottel Thomas W Leading Stoker K17285
Trask Norman G Joiner 4th Class MX71525
Trayers Thomas Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX75344
Treloar William Able Seaman J69001
Tressler Cyril L Able Seaman JX238908
Trethewey Alfred M Telegrapher SSX26622
Trevail Alfred Leading Stoker K22994
Trevett Albert H Leading Seaman JX132159
Triggs (BEM) William J Temporary Acting Petty Officer JX138571
Tucker Leonard G Shipwright 4th Class MX90982
Turnbull William L Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX74502
Turner Leslie W Stoker 1st Class KX97149
Unwin Charles Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX75505
Utterton Christoper J Temporary Leading Telegrapher SSX28755
Vardy Thomas H Temporary Acting Leading Seaman X8088C
Vaughan Harry Cook (O) MX86114
Vaughan George W Stoker 1st Class KX100490
Veighey William Able Seaman JX253780
Wakely James R Stoker Petty Officer K55267
Waldock Thomas S Stoker 1st Class KX97148
Wales Frank Stoker Petty Officer K13793
Walker Jack Able Seaman JX219061
Walker Robert Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX79810
Walker George Temporary Leading Stoker K61992
Walker Dennis J Stoker 1st Class KX89350
Wallace George S Stoker 1st Class KX107409
Wallis Henry B Supplies Chief Petty Officer M33215
Walters  Walter Stoker 1st Class K41461
Ward William F Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class MX49530
Ward Edward J Acting Blacksmith 4th Class SA67496 / MX120155
Wardell Alan E Acting Electrical Artificer 4th Class MX77891
Wardle Frederick W J Able Seaman JX237211
Waring Harold Able Seaman SSX33926
Warriner Thomas L Able Seaman J101754
Waterhouse Thomas Stoker 1st Class KX111254
Watkins James R Temporary Leading Seaman JX154813
Webb Bertie L Able Seaman J24389
Webber (BEM) Rex Chief Stoker K57075
Webster Sidney L Able Seaman JX255736
Webster Horace Steward SLX312
Weeks Sidney V Leading Stoker K6677
Welsh Sidney C Able Seaman JX248385
West William E Stoker 1st Class KX138569
Westnedge Henry Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX71961
Wheeler Alfred J Temporary Acting Leading Seaman SSX25521
White Edwin C Able Seaman JX219853
White Walter J Leading Seaman J94294
White Robert J Able Seaman JX321149
White George Stoker 1st Class KX99904
White Alfred W T  Shipwright 3rd Class MX53891
Whitlock Frederick C Ordinary Seaman JX319500
Wilde William Leading Stoker K8839
Wilkinson George E Stoker 1st Class K56028
Williams Emlyn Temporary Chaplain  
Williams Kenneth   Able Seaman JX220008
Williams James H Able Seaman JX219767
Williams Hopkin Able Seaman JX187098




Williams Ronald   Able Seaman JX175420
Williams Donald J Seaman X20688A
Williams John W Stoker 1st Class K60225
Williams Sebastion H Temporary Leading Stoker KX76991
Williams John Temporary Leading Steward LX23229
Williams Edgar G Steward LX25303
Williams Joshua J W  Regulating Petty Officer MX54092
Williams Charles M Ordnance Artificer 1st Class M19918
Williams Edward Shipwright 4th Class MX62604
Williams Dennis R Acting Electrical Artificer 4th Class MX92409








Williams Thomas A Electrical Mechanic 5th Class MX90887
Williams  Norman Temporary Leading Seaman JX151401
Wilson Douglas S Electrical Artificer 4th Class MX59909
Windsor Charles W Able Seaman JX234245
Winson William G Stoker 1st Class KX110238
Winterton Claude Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class MX92348
Wood Eric Temporary Leading Stores Assistant MX65093
Wood Percy J Able Seaman JX156488
Wood  Donald Able Seaman JX259702
Woodhead Harry Leading Coder JX223815
Woods Fred Temporary Leading Sick Berth Attendant MX80116
Woodward James Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class MX79349
Woolrich Harry A Able Seaman JX187719
Wright Ronald S Sick Berth Attendant MX80073
Wykes George E Stoker 1st Class KX110761
Wynn Edward J H Electrical Mechanic 5th Class MX89441
Yates Gilbert E Able Seaman J113434
Yates George Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class MX96041
Young William A Leading Stoker K55463

This list can also be viewed and downloaded as a PDF but without the live links to further details about the lives of the men in Hecla
The official Admiralty list of the men who died or were MPK (Missing Presumed Killed) when HMS Hecla sank can be be viewed as a PDF

The names of the 177 officers and men in HMS Venomous when Hecla sank can also be seen on this website

The story of events leading to the loss of HMS Hecla and the rescue of survivors by HMS Venomous
is told by Bob Moore and Captain John Rodgaard USN (Ret) in

A Hard Fought Ship
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